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Our Fellows

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Cyril Gorlla

UC San Diego '23

Data Science 

Cyril Gorlla pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at UC San Diego's Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI). In his undergraduate study at UCSD, he was the AI & ML Research Fellow, a position in which he analyzed malware spreading on the internet with AI resulting in coverage in Ars Technica and Slashdot. His analysis of the Accellion UC Data Breach was widely shared among the University system; he later worked with renowned cybersecurity website HaveIBeenPwned to reach affected community members. In 2022, he collaborated with Intel to research novel deep learning methodologies to improve desktop performance with Intel CPUs. Cyril was recognized by UC San Diego as a "shining star" as one of twelve graduates featured from eight thousand. His graduate study is generously supported by the Graduate Committee at HDSI.


Halimo Farah

UC San Diego '23

Public Health; Psychology Minor

Halimo Farah doubles as a college student and a phlebotomist/medical assistant at a clinic, working with patients from low income communities. She is a first generation student and will be graduating in 2022. She aspires to become a Physician Assistant and work in providing healthcare to underserved communities. 


JP Alves

University of San Diego '23

International Business 

JP Alves' background stems from being Brazilian-born and holding a strong passion for working globally. With skills in foreign languages and love for intrapersonal relationships, JP hopes to establish a strong connection between international companies. He has participated in several global projects, working with different companies to expand their presence and profits - including a Spanish investment firm where JP is currently employed. After obtaining his Bachelor's degree and work experience, JP plans to pursue a Master's degree. He is the first in his family to be graduating college, and  eager to receive his diploma in May of 2023. 


Rand Lateef

San Diego State University '23

Interdisciplinary Studies

Rand Lateef is a pre-dental student who is majoring in interdisciplinary studies at San Diego State University. She is currently an intern at Scripps Research Lab working on DNA genotyping and plasmid purification. She spends much of her time working and volunteering at dental clinics in low-income communities. Rand is currently working on expanding her oral health education club that aims to teach children the importance of oral hygiene. 


Thao Do

UC San Diego '23

Human Biology

Thao Do is currently a pre-pharmacy student majoring in Human Biology at the University of California, San Diego. She is the first in her family to attend a four-year university and intend to go to pharmacy school in the fall of 2023. She is currently working as a pharmacy tech to gain pharmaceutical experience and aspires to open up an independent pharmacy to better serve the local community.


Yhover Perez

San Diego State University '23

Theatre Arts/Communications

Yhover Perez is a first-generation Latinx student majoring in Theatre Arts and Communications. He chose Theatre Arts because he appreciates performing as a means of expressing his diversity and culture, as well as utilizing photography and painting to express his creativity. As a result of his upbringing in varied surroundings, Yhover has acquired excellent communication abilities with a wide spectrum of individuals. As a result, he opted to major in communication as a secondary major. As a well-spoken student from a low-income home, Yhover has overcame several obstacles, pushing him to be a positive role model for others who want to achieve great things outside their comfort zones. He believes everyone has a place in society and likes encouraging the kids in his community to follow their passion. 

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